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All In for the 99%

This is the poster for the Animation!

The animations I’ve been working on with Becky Stark, Ron Rege, and Peter Glantz will be exhibited at All In for the 99% on Saturday! The animations will be released soon on MTV’s Liquid TV. I’m extremely excited about these. They’re happy!

Extreme Sheeping!

Apparently I’m really late to this party. But this is SO GOOD!

SYFY Channel 31 Days Of Halloween

Last Halloween I had the pleasure to work with Colourmovie on their promo spot for the SYFY channel’s 31 Days of Halloween.
It was super fun to make this.
Here’s the spot.

This was part of a whole rebranding for the month of October. Colourmovie put together a really great case study on their process. It can be viewed here.

This was a really fun job for me. Colourmovie loves good coffee almost as much as I do!

Futurama Mashup

Here’s the Futurama mashup I did this week for Comedy Central.
I’m just happy I got to watch Futurama all day long, for work! (This was immediately followed by watching a bunch of Star Trek: The Next Generation at home on my couch. I am not ashamed.)


rad street art

My good friend Paige Bailey turned me onto this awesome street art website.

cool stuff #2

EVERYNONE does it again. I love every single video they’ve made. This one is no exception. (Also, it made me cry…on the first sound queue, sheesh).

Grammy Nominations

The 2011 Grammy Nominations were announced today! All Is Not Lost is nominated for Best Short Form Music Video. I’m over the moon about this. Congratulations to everyone who I had the pleasure to work on this with.

StopMoControlCap Inspiration

I’ve been thinking a lot about stop motion, motion control, motion capture lately. This video sparked a lot of ideas for me today. I thought I would share it.

LA LA Land

(this is a cool video)

I’ve begun the grand journey into splitting my time between Los Angeles and New York City. Though, for the next few months it’s going to be mostly LA.

If you’ve been around me at all in the last month or so, you know, all I can talk about is the difference between NYC and LA, how I don’t know which I like more and how I need to make the city of LA my friend the way NYC is my friend.

So, in an effort to understand LA, I’ve been doing a little research and have stumbled upon some pretty good stuff.

First off you should watch The Cool School documentary about the Ferus Gallery and the inception of the (for lack of a better description) pop art gallery scene in LA.

One of the things I’ve really been trying to figure out is where to get good coffee. I’ve been thoroughly spoiled by Variety Coffee Shop in Brooklyn. My addiction to Stumptown Coffee has not subsided since I’ve been in LA. Luckily, the NYTimes T Magazine solved all my problems for me by publishing this article about all the great coffee shops in the area.

On a completely separate note, here is my “Awesome Video of the Day” selection:

Dear Canada, Can we work together please? Thanks, Paula

cool stuff #1

I stumbled upon this the other day. It’s a really rad BMX video shot in an industrial train park.