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All In for the 99%

This is the poster for the Animation!

The animations I’ve been working on with Becky Stark, Ron Rege, and Peter Glantz will be exhibited at All In for the 99% on Saturday! The animations will be released soon on MTV’s Liquid TV. I’m extremely excited about these. They’re happy!

SYFY Channel 31 Days Of Halloween

Last Halloween I had the pleasure to work with Colourmovie on their promo spot for the SYFY channel’s 31 Days of Halloween.
It was super fun to make this.
Here’s the spot.

This was part of a whole rebranding for the month of October. Colourmovie put together a really great case study on their process. It can be viewed here.

This was a really fun job for me. Colourmovie loves good coffee almost as much as I do!

Grammy Nominations

The 2011 Grammy Nominations were announced today! All Is Not Lost is nominated for Best Short Form Music Video. I’m over the moon about this. Congratulations to everyone who I had the pleasure to work on this with.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Commercial Spots

For the last few weeks I’ve been editing at Colourmovie in Los Angeles. It’s been a lovely experience.

The first project I edited with them is up now. Here are the :30 Spot, :15 Spot, and the Behind the Scenes video for The Red Hot Chili Peppers “I’M WITH YOU” Commercials.

Shot by Yon Thomas
Directed and Produced by Colourmovie

I do believe the Red Hot Chili Peppers was the first concert I went to as a kid in Nebraska. Which is kind of funny. This was a super fun project to work on. I hope you enjoy.

Behind the Scenes:

15 second spot:

30 second spot:

OKGo + Pilobolus + Trish Sie = All is Not Lost

OKGo released their new video All is Not Lost on Wednesday!

I had the distinct pleasure of being able to edit the video.

You can experience this project in lots of different places.
The YouTube version: (above)
The interactive HTML5 version can be seen here:
You can also see it in 3D on the Nintendo 3DS